Seamless Cocktail Hour Catering Service for Maplewood

If there is one part of a wedding day that most couples worry about, it is the cocktail hour. Sandwiched between the ceremony and the meal, this part of the day often poses challenges for even the most thematic of weddings. This hour or ninety-minute period is crucial to ensuring that your wedding is a success. However, it can often pose problems for even the most organized and prepared of Maplewood couples. To ensure that your cocktail hour service is in keeping with the rest of your wedding day, you need to have a professional catering company you can rely on. In Maplewood, one company exceeds all else in this regard.

Located in Maplewood, RMT Buffet Catering LLC has developed quite the reputation for being cocktail hour specialists. This reputation is down to the commitment to excellence and attention to detail of all our team. Everyone from our chefs and other kitchen staff to our professionally certified event managers and vastly experience waiting staff, possess the skill, experience and knowhow to help create a memorable day. For us, the challenges posed by cocktail hour catering are embraced not feared. That is why, when you book your wedding with us, we will ensure that the theme and personalized feel of your wedding is evident across the cocktail hour.

Unforgettable Customized Cocktails

It’s early evening, the ceremony and photographs are finished and all your friends and family are together in a cozy, relaxing setting before the meal commences. This is the perfect opportunity to let the unique and personalized elements of your relationship come to the fore. Whether it’s a cocktail that you like, or one that you have even created together, the cocktail hour is a real opportunity for a couple to put their own unique stamp on their wedding. At RMT Buffet Catering LLC, our skillfully trained bar staff will work closely with you to make whatever idea you have into a reality.

Comfortable Seating

This may be surprising to some but one of the most effective ways of ensuring that the cocktail hour on your wedding day is a success, is to have a plentiful supply of comfortable seating. Don’t forget, a wedding can be extremely long day with hours spent standing, walking or dancing. Allow the cocktail hour to be the relaxing rest that many guests may need.

Trustworthy and Reliable Cocktail Hour Service

Whether it is innovative cocktail designs or gourmet sandwiches, finger-food and baked goods, we know how to create the perfect cocktail hour that will fit seamlessly into your wedding celebration. Ensuring that your day is one that will live ling in the memory for all the right reasons is something we take very seriously. That is why when you hire RMT Buffet Catering LLC, you can rest assured that you are receiving the best service possible. Don’t take chances with inferior catering companies. Contact the team you can trust today.