All Inclusive Work Picnic Catering Serving Maplewood

After enduring the depths of winter, it makes sense that Maplewood men and women are eager to enjoy all the benefits that spring and summer-time has to offer as soon as the sun hits. As any Maplewood resident can attest to, the best way of enjoying the summer sun is by relaxing and taking it easy in one of our city’s many parks. While this type of lazy, lounging day may be ideal during the weekend, how do you merge the responsibilities of working 9 to 5 Monday to Friday with the desire to catch spend time catching up with friends and catching some rays? The answer to this is simple.

Work picnics have become more and more popular in Maplewood in recent years and it is easy to see why. Research indicates that productivity can drop in summer months in cities that enjoy warm summer climates. However, this productivity can be fostered and even increased with the prospect of a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly work picnic is thrown into the mix. By investing in professionally operated picnic catering service from RMT Buffet Catering LLC, you, as a business owner or manager, are ensuring that your workers have something to look forward to at the end of the week. This social outing also allows your employees to get to know each a little better which can benefit team-building and improve productivity.

Work Picnics: The Perfect Way to Celebrate the Weekend

Rule 101 of business management is that a happy employee is a productive employee. So, when it comes to ensuring that their employees are as fulfilled and productive as possible, it is no surprise that more and more Maplewood managers are turning to work picnics. Whether it is to celebrate a sales target being reached, a work anniversary or simply to welcome in the weekend, a work picnic provides endless opportunities for businesses to grow and expand their employees’ productivity. At RMT Buffet Catering LLC we get that and that is why our superior picnic catering service includes the tastiest burgers, sandwiches and salad options. That on top of our extensive preparation mean that you will have nothing to plan or worry about except for sitting back and getting to know your colleagues a little better.

Call the Professional Picnic Caterers You Can Trust

With vast experience in all areas of the catering industry, RMT Buffet Catering LLC is the perfect catering option for your business picnic. Our wide range of snacks, barbeque and sandwich options as well as the cool array of drinks and dessert choices that we provide mean that all dietary requirements would be covered. On top of that, our catering staff are professionally trained and will ensure that every aspect of your picnic is taken care of. For a business to be successful, its employees need to be happy. An all-inclusive picnic from RMT Buffet Catering LLC will achieve that goal perfectly. Don’t take chances with inferior caterers, call the team you can trust today.